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Eastman Turbine Oil 25 (Case of 24 Single Quart Cans)
Eastman Turbine Oil 25 (Case of 24 Single Quart Cans)
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Eastman Turbo Oil 25 (formerly BP 25)

Eastman Turbo Oil 25 is a high load-carrying gas turbine oil, for the most demanding gear applications.

Helicopter operators in both military and private sectors have shown a preference for the DOD-PRF-85734 oils, like Eastman Turbo Oil 25, because of the wear protection provided by its extreme pressure additive technology. Eastman lubricants is the only oil manufacturer to offer broadly used DOD-PRF-85734 and MIL-PRF-23699 HTS Class oils, to suit all your helicopter oil lubrication needs.

Eastman Turbo Oil 25 is formulated from synthetic base stocks and advanced technology additives, to provide the combined thermal and oxidation stability properties of commercial Type II lubricants, with extreme pressure additives to maximise gear system reliability.

Eastman Turbo Oil 25 is a 5 centistoke high load carrying synthetic oil which was developed to meet the severe requirements of supersonic aircraft engines. In order to satisfy supersonic requirements, Eastman Turbo Oil 25 incorporates high oxidation resistance to minimize formation of carbon, coke and
sludge under high temperature conditions. It also provides high load carrying ability to satisfy the requirements of highly loaded gears and bearings operating in a very demanding environment. Eastman Turbo Oil 25 meets DEF STAN 91-100/1 (replaces British Military Specification DERD 2497 Issue 3) and was approved against DERD 2497 on the first and all subsequent issues of the Approved Products List. The high gear load carrying ability of Eastman Turbo Oil 25 earned its approval against U.S. military specification, DOD-L-85734(AS), for helicopter transmission systems.
The inservice experience of Eastman Turbo Oil 25, in this application, has been most satisfactory.

Vapor-phase deposits: An advantage of Eastman Turbo Oil 25 is its ability to limit vapor-phase deposits. With some competitive oils, heavy deposits have formed where the oil mist and vapors come in contact with hot engine surfaces resulting in migrating deposits. Load carrying: Eastman Turbo Oil 25 provides load carrying ability, as measured in the Ryder and IAE Gear Tests, well in excess of requirements established by the engine and equipment manufacturers and is the industry leader in this area. Minimal wear of bearings, gears and other highly loaded lubricated surfaces is thus assured under normal operating conditions.Cleanliness: In order to satisfy supersonic requirements, Eastman Turbo Oil 25 incorporates high oxidation resistance to minimize formation of carbon, coke and sludge under extremely high engine operating temperature conditions.Bulk stability (resistance to physical or chemical change resulting from oxidation): The high degree of oxidation resistance of Eastman Turbo Oil 25 permits long periods of severe operation without significant increase in viscosity or total acidity, the two principal indicators of product oxidation. The need to change oil because of oxidation effects is rare when using Eastman Turbo Oil 25. Most users find it unnecessary to make oil changes in spite of occasional mechanical abnormalities that create unusually severe oxidizing conditions. Seal wear: Proper functioning of carbon seals is essential for engines that use this type of bearing compartment sealing arrangement. Poor seal performance may be caused by lubricant properties that promote (or fail to prevent) wear of the carbon at the carbon-to-steel sealing face or that result in sluggish seal action due to the formation of deposits in the area of the seal carrier or springs. Eastman Turbo Oil 25 has provided excellent carbon seal performance in subsonic engine service.

Eastman Turbo Oil 25 is blended in batches with each batch composed of the identical chemicals, in the same proportions, used in all previous batches. Extensive testing is performed on each batch to evaluate the physical, chemical and performance characteristics of the product. Historically, the batch-to-batch variations are within the limits of test repeatability. As each batch is prepared, a quantity of product is set aside in sealed containers. Periodically, a container is opened and tested to ensure that no change has occurred in the physical or chemical properties as a result of time. Customers can enhance the product storage stability life by using first-in, first-out inventory procedures and maintaining the oil under normal storage conditions (indoors protected from excessive heat). Within these parameters, experience has shown Eastman Turbo Oil 25 shelf life has
no effect on its performance. It is suggested that oil that has been exposed to extremes of high temperature and humidity in storage be retested.

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